Shredder Project Guitar (Austin)

Shredder Project Guitar (Austin) $150 – Fernandes “Jackson Soloist” type guitar with an amazing birdseye maple neck that is probably worth t

Kawai Professional Upright 48″ Piano -

Kawai Professional Upright 48″ Piano – 88 Keys (westlake) $2400

Martin OM-28v (NESA) $2650 – 2012

Martin OM-28v (NESA) $2650 – 2012 MARTIN OM-28V GUITAR & CASE I’m usually reluctant to refer to a used guitar as “mint” so I wil

1991 American Standard Telecaster (Austi

1991 American Standard Telecaster (Austin) $650 – Nice Tele with rosewood fretboard. It’s all stock with no modifications. The frets were dressed by W

Roland VS 1680 + Ext. CDR + Ext. HD

Roland VS 1680 + Ext. CDR + Ext. HD $175 – Used Roland VS-1680 digital work station two effects on board plus external hard drive and ed-r for

Sell/Trade Mark Bass 15″ Cabinet New Yo

Sell/Trade Mark Bass 15″ Cabinet New York 151 (Austin) $600

Mint Roland VS-2400CD $800 – This

Mint Roland VS-2400CD $800 – This Thing has rarely been used. It could be a fabulous live show board. With 8 XLR inputs you can r


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